Friday, May 29, 2009

Free motion quilt completed!!!!

Here is a close up of my work. It's not bad for the first try I'm proud of the end result. I plan to do it on other projects.I'm not sure if I'd do it on a big quilt or not only time will tell.

Its finished!
This is Molly she is my blanket cat, even before I had the quilt layed flat she was trying to get on it. She is so sweet, I guess the quilt must be good it passes the Molly love test.

Todays Plan

My plan for today is to working on binding the Free Motion baby quilt, and start sewing a dress for the princess. However with the weather being reported to be at least 80, I may find myself outside longer than planned. There is so much yard work to be done in this place.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Learning to Free Motion Quilt

This is a baby quilt top that I made from scraps forever ago. When I got the idea to try learning to free motion quilt I decided it would be a great first project and not to costly if I boched it. Well its backed and  pinned. ( I learned that I need more pins than I used.)
Well, I'm getting there a little close in some spots and I cross stitching once in a while. Some of my curves are rather pointy and my stitch length is not consistant I think you kinda see some of  it in this photo. But over all I'm happy for a first try.
Thank goodness for my Saphires longer sewing arm. The roll of quilt fit so nice, I do however need a sewing table out around the arm to help support the other side of the quilt. I guess thats where practice comes in. 
Here is a better expample of my free motion success. I managed to complete the whole quilt. I am very proud of  my end result. I hope to post photos in the next couple day of the finished quilt. Providing I get the time to finish it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Old Red Barn sew-along

Week 1:This is the fabric I have choosen for the quilt along. This too is a first for me. I'm excited to learn from someone else and to be able to share it with so many other. For those of you that are into the fabric brands most of this is Kaffe Fassett, some Marus Brother and Stevenberry and Timeless Treasures, Don Baker

Week 2: I have cut all my fabrics with only one whoops, hopefully it not a problem. If it does cause a problem I quess I will be off to the Quilt store.
Well, I love to sew and quilt. Decided this might be a fun way to share. 
My site is still under construction though