Sunday, May 30, 2010

Meet George!

I saw a turtle pin cushion at  LQS  and fell in love with it. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a pattern as it was someones creation.  They said that would share the pattern but that never materialized. Bummer, life happens. So after some hunting on the Internet with no luck of anything I liked so, I got out the  pen and paper and started to draw.  Several drawing and a pro-toe type later we have George.  His predecessor was F  (or 6 as in the F being the sixth letter of the alphabet  a little inside joke in our house.)
                                               HELP I'm stuck and Can't get up!
 I am hoping to perfect this pattern and hopeful have it available for but, I have  some work to do first.  I want to come up with some options for the shell to give one more choices as these hexagons are usually hand pieced.  I did do mine on the machine because I'm stubborn but they are not easy.  The big secret to pin cushions that I'm sharing with everyone is stuff them with crushed walnut shells.  Available at Pet stores as lizard bedding. It is fairly inexpensive and  with sharpen you pins and needles as they are stuck into you cushion.

Four corner apron

       I know this is not by any means a new pattern, but I just now got around to making mine up!  This is another one of my UFOs.  I have managed to make a microscopic dent in them.
       I am very happy with end result of my apron, I can't wait to  use it! I see a clean kitchen tomorrow!

There are only two things I would change about this pattern the next time I make it.

1. I would move the pocket out toward the edge and down lower on the apron. Placed where the pattern tells you it is sort of in the middle of ones body, just an odd placement for be useful.

 2. I would sew my straps first sew the are ready to be inserted when I sew the front and back pieces together. Then re-enforce the waist strap part of the seem and turn it out all at once. In order to avoid, ripping open the seem and inserting the strap, to then use a top stitch.

But over all a great pattern, I think we all have personal preferences when sewing. I guess some of mine are showing up today.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bloggers Spring Quilt Festival: A Happy Table

When I heard Amy had organized the Spring Festival, I started thinking of what I had to share. I haven't made any large quilts lately. So I decided to share my machine quilting journey. Hope you enjoy.
First I choose a pattern I thought would blow up and sew nicely. In this case I choose a flower out of the fabric print.  I started by photo copying the fabric, then I cut out the flower I wanted to use, enlarged it on my copier. Traced it with a peramarker and put it back in the copier and blew it up a piece at a time until I have a puzzle of flower peices.! I used my sliding glass door as a light box, its alot cheaper.

Once the pattern was set I pieced my  Golden thread paper and taped it to the window for tracing!
I carefully placed the pattern just where I wanted it and then Pinned the heck out of the paper to hold it in place. I started fro the center and just worked my way out the flower. Sorry,  there are no photos of that part the camera was on the frits those days.   
Repeating the same basic ideas, I  quilted the outer sections of the  table guilt. As you can see it not perfect, Practice will help.
I designed this pattern for a friends birthday gift/ housewaming and ended up making two! I love it, the top one is small apx18" square and the large one is 33 in" square. As I have a larger table. The flower pattern above was used on the  larger one.

I just got word from my friend that she loves her "Happy Table" Table quilt! She said the colors are perfect and went on  and on and on about wonderful it was. I am so happy that she loved it as I thought of her when picking the color and and drawing the pattern! I am so excited!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Here's what I've been up too!

      If you have stopped by to check for new posts, sorry they haven't been here. I have been busy with everything except sewing lately.   Here is a sneak peak at one of my project that has been tying up my time.  This desk  is one that I in herieted from my brother however it didn't look this good! I had to clean it up and sand it down and start over! But I am so happy with the end result. So let me induce you to my new desk!
     This is my new sewing desk!!!! Yea!!!  Last fall when my son's room was finished he ended up with the desk I was using after all it was his deck.  So mom was left with the kitchen table which great because I was are around the family, but the mess I make last for weeks.  So this is such a blessing to have my place to sew.