Friday, October 30, 2009

Stockings for Soliders!

Stocking for  Soldiers serving in Afganastan! This is just a few of what was made by my moms sewing group.  They were kind enough to invite me to join the on there sewing day. I was rather excited by the gesture to join in and make a few stockings. As a group we made twenty and then several ladies were going to make more. If I remember correctly my mom said, her last count was 18! They all go to an organization that fills them and sends them to Soldiers. This bunch is supporting men based out of  Fort Lewis, Wa.

Monday, October 26, 2009

More West Sound Quilt Show Photos (post 2)

Sunflower Sunshine, by Irene Hudspeth

State of Grace by Busek
This is the one I want to try to copy the the block on.

Piece, Love and Applique by Lynn Kuch

I got to use all my Batiks by Donna Haggard
Sticks and Stones by Chris Lapham
This is my favorite as far as it total sucks me in!!!! It is nothing I would ever do. My mind doesn't work this way and photo doesn't show the depth that is truely there in this quilt. 

West Sound Quilt Show

These are some of the lovely quilts the ladies had on display. There was some wonderful talent. I hope everyone enjoy these as much as I do.
Untitled quilt by Syndie Haghardt

Scrap Apple, By Meg Shellenberger

Get the Gun Pa, There bugs in the cabin

Victorian Cabin

Coming Soon!!!!!

Pictures of the quilt show I went to on Saturday!!!! 
They will be posted later today I promise!!!I love a teaser....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Reversible Tablerunner

Making progress on my table runner. This is the center section, which I'm getting ready to attach the center sashings that hold the squares together. I am sewing both sides on at the same time, this will join the two sections and then I have some hand sewing to do.

Speaking of hand stitching there is no better  place then the local coffee shop!!!! I sat and relaxed with my coffee.  It was really fun the one employee stopped and asked my questions about my project and  gave me a compliment.  It was nice to get a compliment but even nicer to be able to share with someone about my sewing.  I love to share about what I'm doing and see the amazement of people. Hopefully I can encourage someone to try it themselves.

Side one is Winter season and Side two is Fall
I love this pattern it is so fun and fast, you sew both sides and the same time and the quilting gets done as you go. The new technique for me this time is the two sided binding. in the past I have avoid it by binding both side with the same fabric which is just as cute, but now that I have made the two side binding I will probably do it again.  If  you would like more information on the double side quilting I have found this book("Reversible quilts two at a time" by Sharon Pederson to be very  to be the best. 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's been great, hope to see some of you around!

These are two photos I thought it would be fun to share. The quilt in the rocking chair is the very first I ever made, the sleeping bundle of joy is now seven gee she saw so sweet when she slept.  The burgandy and purple quilt is one I did you my mom with all the grand kids. 

Thank you everyone

I have actually opened and looked at every link in the festival, short of any last minute entries. I just thought it would be nice to say thank you to those who participated. It has been fun to look through all the site and see the quilts. I love to see how different everyone sees color and how it speaks to them.  Last but not least Thank you Amy!!! I always knew you were destined for greatness!  

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Quilt Festival

The Generations of quilting
This is a quilt My mother made for my daughter.  My daughter calls it her summer quilt, she has a heavier one for winter. So we have name the pattern "Summer quilt".  My mother sewed this quilt on her Singer Feather Weight, and it is hand quilted. It believe this may be one of the last, she quilts this way due to arthritis and carpel tunnel. We love grandma for her wonderful choice of colors and pattern. This quilt was made to fit all the way down the edge of my daughters bed, thanks to this the quilt will most likely fit a double bed and grow up with her.
My mother  learned to sew from her mother and my great grandmother. They both quilted and sewed clothing. We have had at least 5 generations in a row  that not only could sew but quilt. My mother has some of the quilts and I hope to get them photographed for spring festival. My daughter as she learns will be the 6 Th generation. Even my son had dabble at the machine so maybe there hope for him yet! I'll be happy if he can mend or hem for himself.

This is my quilt. It is a shrunken down version of the Card Trick pattern. I like this smaller block for baby quilts and youth  blankets. This is one of my favorite quilts I have made, unfortunately it had to go to it's home with the baby it was made for.  At one point I was making baby quilts for every coworker that had a baby in my husbands office.  They became quite popular. When we moved I did not start it again, for it became to expensive.
   Sneak a peek at the back, and you might see some of my hand quilting.
The youngest generation is  7  and learning to sew.!!! yea!!!
This quilt was sewn by my 7 year old daughter at a tractor show this summer with grandma and grandpa. The cool this is it was sewn on a old antique Hand Crank sewing machine! I have been informed that she sewed all the strips into squares. Grandma in order to save time sewed the batting and back on. She did such a good job that the squares didn't even need  straighting. Needless to say I have a very proud little girl!  I guess my buying her a Janome for her 6Th birthday wasn't a bad idea.  Its the Hello Kitty model! Aren't you all jealous! :o)