Friday, October 23, 2009

Reversible Tablerunner

Making progress on my table runner. This is the center section, which I'm getting ready to attach the center sashings that hold the squares together. I am sewing both sides on at the same time, this will join the two sections and then I have some hand sewing to do.

Speaking of hand stitching there is no better  place then the local coffee shop!!!! I sat and relaxed with my coffee.  It was really fun the one employee stopped and asked my questions about my project and  gave me a compliment.  It was nice to get a compliment but even nicer to be able to share with someone about my sewing.  I love to share about what I'm doing and see the amazement of people. Hopefully I can encourage someone to try it themselves.

Side one is Winter season and Side two is Fall
I love this pattern it is so fun and fast, you sew both sides and the same time and the quilting gets done as you go. The new technique for me this time is the two sided binding. in the past I have avoid it by binding both side with the same fabric which is just as cute, but now that I have made the two side binding I will probably do it again.  If  you would like more information on the double side quilting I have found this book("Reversible quilts two at a time" by Sharon Pederson to be very  to be the best. 

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