Friday, June 26, 2009

Feeling petrified, this Fabric is scaring me!!!!!!

Petrified to cut my sashing and backing fabric.!!!!!! This is crazy I have done the math for the last time, is it all drawn out on paper now, I just have to cross my fingers that I cut it correctly. Or I will run out of irreplaceable fabric, which is probably what is getting to me. Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lowest tide of the summer!

The Great Blue Heron
Indianola Dock
This rock was surrounded by tons of sea enemies. Poking them was fun, they were real squirter.
The red sea creature was turning inside to protect themselves from the sun. Sometimes you could see there tentacles
This  one really wanted the water. it was streching to all its might to get to water.

Today was the lowest tide of the summer -4.1  We had nice weather to boot. Warm enough to get wet but not so warm to over heat and burn.  We choose to go to a beach that had lots of rocks next to a beach with sand. We walked the rocks and turned over some to learn about the sea life and walked my kids to the sandy beach to play in the warmed sand as the tide started to come in. They had a blast. My daughter held a sea star and I chased my 13 year old with it. He was being a chicken. It was all in good fun. 
What a great way to start our summer in a new state. We successfully wore out the youngest, a bath and a snack and she was out for the count. Oops, She not going to want to go to bed. Oh well. Its summer. 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Shop hop!!!! Washington.

This just a piece of yardage I created to make a project out of. I thought I'd share it while I explained out excited I am about the Shop hop.
I'm so excited, this weekend it the local shop. This is the first time I've able to participate in one. I first learned about them by accident in Virginia.  Now, were in Washington and I get to go shop hop with my mother and a friend of hers.  We are going on Wednesday. we have 11 stores on our list.  Wish me luck. I plan on taking my camera in case there are any must see quilts hanging there shops.  I will do my best to share my experience;  what I see and  post what  treasures I find.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Backing nightmare!

Augh! I want to screem, I found beautiful fabric and then it wasn't enough I have to go to two different Joannes to get it and now it is different pieces. I think this might be a nightmare.  I also have to deicded how I'm having it quilted. Oh the difficult questions.

Old Red Barn quilt-along update on my quilt

I am offically caught up
I completed the sewing the quilt lbock together this morning. It's big!  And I have decided to make it bigger it is so close to fitting. the bed it would be a shame not to take the time to make it fit.
The first mock up plan, I only changed the blocks around about a dozen times. 
My pround moment earlier in the week. I finall found time to sew and sew the blocks.  My blocks ended up 11.25" I am planning to use the extra strips on my backing. Which should be interesting. wish me luck with that.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update on my crazy week

Sorry I have not added much of interest this week has been busy. I have managed to finish striping my quilt along quilt. Next is to cut the blocks.  I did manage to get my daughter dress done. We have decided to make  an alteration of  adding a tie on it. I promise photo to come.....While you await my project photo's I can share a piece of my garden.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Twiddletails has a giveway,, go check it out...

  Twiddletails give away check it out.

Feeling a little childish...

I apoligize to everyone for being childish, first and foremost.
I participated in several giveaways recently. Knowing full well this is the world of cyberscape and for any one gift there are many many people in the random number bucket and only one gets the prize. Guess what not one of them was me. Generally not a problem were all adults here.
 Wrong! I found as the week went on, and I read more and more post of other people winning that jealous little kid in me showed up. I found myself irratated for not winning. How silly. I felt bad about my reaction. I guess like some of those thing more than I realized or I'm more competitive then I realized. I'm really not a selfish person I sware.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So much for having a plan this week,
I finally got the laundry started today
I finally got the frigerator straightened out
I got dinner fix for the birthday  people,
(Happy Birthday MOM, Happy Birthday Honey I love you)
These are all things that should have been started Monday. I love my husband but his being sick has slowed down my plans.  No, sewing yet, boo who. But getting him healthy first is more important.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dress for my daughter

The dress is finally looking like a dress!  Yeah, well I thought the dress was done till I realized, looking at it that the dress is much wider style than I thought. My  daughter however is not but about an inch wide. She is a skinny girl. We have decided to add the ties but she wanted the tie back to button. So mom has two button whole to put in it. Then I can call it done.

This week I'm working on a dress for my daughter out of this material.  As soon I get some progress I'll snap some photos.  So stay tuned......

Monday, June 1, 2009

Under construction!!!!!

Sorry about the mess I am learning to use the blog templates and am in the process of updating and making some changes, or at least trying. Bare with me please. I am learning faster than I was. thank you for stopping by, please stop by later. 

1. Step one complete I found several templates I think I like I'm torn between pink and white so for now it is white.
2. Step two is  complete.! Yeah look I've done it. I am calling this complete for now.  Hope you enjoy my blog.