Monday, June 22, 2009

Shop hop!!!! Washington.

This just a piece of yardage I created to make a project out of. I thought I'd share it while I explained out excited I am about the Shop hop.
I'm so excited, this weekend it the local shop. This is the first time I've able to participate in one. I first learned about them by accident in Virginia.  Now, were in Washington and I get to go shop hop with my mother and a friend of hers.  We are going on Wednesday. we have 11 stores on our list.  Wish me luck. I plan on taking my camera in case there are any must see quilts hanging there shops.  I will do my best to share my experience;  what I see and  post what  treasures I find.

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  1. Shop hop just happened here! I missed it this time, but someday I'll get in on the action :) Have fun!!


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