Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lowest tide of the summer!

The Great Blue Heron
Indianola Dock
This rock was surrounded by tons of sea enemies. Poking them was fun, they were real squirter.
The red sea creature was turning inside to protect themselves from the sun. Sometimes you could see there tentacles
This  one really wanted the water. it was streching to all its might to get to water.

Today was the lowest tide of the summer -4.1  We had nice weather to boot. Warm enough to get wet but not so warm to over heat and burn.  We choose to go to a beach that had lots of rocks next to a beach with sand. We walked the rocks and turned over some to learn about the sea life and walked my kids to the sandy beach to play in the warmed sand as the tide started to come in. They had a blast. My daughter held a sea star and I chased my 13 year old with it. He was being a chicken. It was all in good fun. 
What a great way to start our summer in a new state. We successfully wore out the youngest, a bath and a snack and she was out for the count. Oops, She not going to want to go to bed. Oh well. Its summer. 

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  1. Fun pictures! Sounds like a great way to spend the day :) I remember kayaking at that dock with you -- forever ago!


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