Sunday, January 31, 2010

Table Runner!

I love this Table runner! I was introduced to the pattern at my mother sewing group, nice ladies.  If you have been following my blog you know that I started it quite at while ago. Life just got in the way. I finally decided to stop the merry go round I call my life and make time to finish this project.  I love how it turned out, I  decided to pick up fabric for making cloth napkins to match. They are still in the works though.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lesson learned!

        Ok, I am not the best at computers and I am the first to admit that.  However surfing I can handle, so I thought until earlier this week, when I realized that my credit card had two different charges on it from the company I ordered my latest must have book.  Read and click very carefully! I got charged for my book and a membership fee that I discovered is a monthly 9.95 charge whether you use the site or not.  (on careful research of there web site) Thank goodness it took only a short phone call to cancel it.  However this made my book not a good price! OH bummer!
       The upside to all this is I now have my quilt book that I spent time looking for on all over the County. None of the quilt stores had it and I just had too. There is a quilt in there that for some reason really floats my boat even thought it is super simple.        

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby blanket/Car mat

     This road print material I have had in my stash forever now! I bought it years ago thinking my son would like the roads but knowing he was almost to old. Go figure, he didn't want it.  So I decided to shelf it, with the thought I'd use it as a gift for someone.  Here we are 8 years later and the fabric has been Sewn.  I have a sweet friend that just had baby number three and I decided, she was the perfect person for this material.  I have paired it with a super soft flannel on one side and the roads on the other. I quilted the two together by following the roads. I am excited to know that someday these road will have Hot Wheels and Army Men on them, until then it can help keep him warm.  One other fun fact I did the quilting using my daughter little 13 stitch Janome(mint green hello kitty).

All the threads are trimmed, it ironed and folded ready to go to Post office.... But oops i need there new address.  Go Figure.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Floor pillow!!!!!!

Every daddy needs a floor pillow! My husband asked for one and so it shall be. I was already working on this pillow when he asked for a floor pillow for Christmas.  In fact I sat and sewing it right in front of him, he had no clue.  Christmas when he recieved it he was completely shocked and puzzled by when I had found the time.  After Christmas I did some personalizing to making it firmer, now it is just the way he likes it and we  have a Happy Pappy!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What do you think of my mini remodel?

Please leave quick note telling what you like and dont like about my changes. I'm slowly learning to change the html.

Creatively frustrated, Knitting to the rescue!

    After burning our over the Holiday's with working and family etc... I was desparately needed to create.! However one of the things that went on over the holidays for us was my son had a bedroom build between Halloween and Thanksgiving, moving in the week of Thanksgiving.  In the process I lost what I was using for a sewing desk to my son, since it was his desk. BUMMER!   So with no desk and not wanting to start my habit of taking over the dining room I have plans for a new desk but life has not allowed time for that yet. Leaving my yet again more frustrated. 

 So I started thinking about what I had that I could possibly just finishes up when I remember the bag of yarn I was give by my brother when he moved. I found several not quite finished scraves and several balls of yarn.  So I set to the task of finishing up the scraves and then decided to teach myself to use the loom. I can knit, but have never used the looms there kinda fun. I figured it out, The black and red scraf is the one I knitted.  The other two I simply finished up. They were my brothers product. Men you can just never guess where there creative side will appear. He did a beautiful job on both. 

Friday, January 1, 2010

Millie's Quilting: Give Away

Millie's Quilting: Give Away

My New Year Resolution For Sewing!!! 2010

Ok, Yes I know everyone makes Resolutions and the bails on them so, I guess I should rightfully call them goals!

1. I have put a moritorium on purchasing more fabric until I sew half of  what I have. With the one exception being I dont have enough to finish things ie.. backing  most likely.  Yes this is lofty, but I have done it before.

2. Finish my quilt along quilt! Yes its not done, I got lofty with the back and life got super busy. So quess what got put to the side. Bummer

3. Make the small projects up that are cloging the drawer.
     a.  Apron
     b. Table runner
     c. Shop hop squares
     d. Christmas napkins 2009   haha
     e. Christmas placemats 2009 haha
     d. Another table runner with matching placemats.
     e. plus the ones I've forgotten about

4. Make the three quilts I have fabric for.

5. Clean the desk, I  was given. it is not in a condition that one would put fabric on it.  Tecinquely  this is the  a  wood project  but being that its my sewing desk it may move to the top of the list.

6. Well I'm sure there more to had but if I do I might cry. Nope of this touches my scrapes.. HELP  :0)