Friday, January 1, 2010

My New Year Resolution For Sewing!!! 2010

Ok, Yes I know everyone makes Resolutions and the bails on them so, I guess I should rightfully call them goals!

1. I have put a moritorium on purchasing more fabric until I sew half of  what I have. With the one exception being I dont have enough to finish things ie.. backing  most likely.  Yes this is lofty, but I have done it before.

2. Finish my quilt along quilt! Yes its not done, I got lofty with the back and life got super busy. So quess what got put to the side. Bummer

3. Make the small projects up that are cloging the drawer.
     a.  Apron
     b. Table runner
     c. Shop hop squares
     d. Christmas napkins 2009   haha
     e. Christmas placemats 2009 haha
     d. Another table runner with matching placemats.
     e. plus the ones I've forgotten about

4. Make the three quilts I have fabric for.

5. Clean the desk, I  was given. it is not in a condition that one would put fabric on it.  Tecinquely  this is the  a  wood project  but being that its my sewing desk it may move to the top of the list.

6. Well I'm sure there more to had but if I do I might cry. Nope of this touches my scrapes.. HELP  :0)

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I also have to sew some projects from my fabric stash before buying any's out of control.

    Wishing you plenty of happy sewing in the new year!


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