Sunday, January 10, 2010

Creatively frustrated, Knitting to the rescue!

    After burning our over the Holiday's with working and family etc... I was desparately needed to create.! However one of the things that went on over the holidays for us was my son had a bedroom build between Halloween and Thanksgiving, moving in the week of Thanksgiving.  In the process I lost what I was using for a sewing desk to my son, since it was his desk. BUMMER!   So with no desk and not wanting to start my habit of taking over the dining room I have plans for a new desk but life has not allowed time for that yet. Leaving my yet again more frustrated. 

 So I started thinking about what I had that I could possibly just finishes up when I remember the bag of yarn I was give by my brother when he moved. I found several not quite finished scraves and several balls of yarn.  So I set to the task of finishing up the scraves and then decided to teach myself to use the loom. I can knit, but have never used the looms there kinda fun. I figured it out, The black and red scraf is the one I knitted.  The other two I simply finished up. They were my brothers product. Men you can just never guess where there creative side will appear. He did a beautiful job on both. 

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