Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby blanket/Car mat

     This road print material I have had in my stash forever now! I bought it years ago thinking my son would like the roads but knowing he was almost to old. Go figure, he didn't want it.  So I decided to shelf it, with the thought I'd use it as a gift for someone.  Here we are 8 years later and the fabric has been Sewn.  I have a sweet friend that just had baby number three and I decided, she was the perfect person for this material.  I have paired it with a super soft flannel on one side and the roads on the other. I quilted the two together by following the roads. I am excited to know that someday these road will have Hot Wheels and Army Men on them, until then it can help keep him warm.  One other fun fact I did the quilting using my daughter little 13 stitch Janome(mint green hello kitty).

All the threads are trimmed, it ironed and folded ready to go to Post office.... But oops i need there new address.  Go Figure.


  1. I lost it I want one it baby blanket car mat . You if found one you can mail my house ok. 2. Hampshire circle Dover, NH 03820 . My email is


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