Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lesson learned!

        Ok, I am not the best at computers and I am the first to admit that.  However surfing I can handle, so I thought until earlier this week, when I realized that my credit card had two different charges on it from the company I ordered my latest must have book.  Read and click very carefully! I got charged for my book and a membership fee that I discovered is a monthly 9.95 charge whether you use the site or not.  (on careful research of there web site) Thank goodness it took only a short phone call to cancel it.  However this made my book not a good price! OH bummer!
       The upside to all this is I now have my quilt book that I spent time looking for on all over the County. None of the quilt stores had it and I just had too. There is a quilt in there that for some reason really floats my boat even thought it is super simple.        

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