Sunday, May 30, 2010

Four corner apron

       I know this is not by any means a new pattern, but I just now got around to making mine up!  This is another one of my UFOs.  I have managed to make a microscopic dent in them.
       I am very happy with end result of my apron, I can't wait to  use it! I see a clean kitchen tomorrow!

There are only two things I would change about this pattern the next time I make it.

1. I would move the pocket out toward the edge and down lower on the apron. Placed where the pattern tells you it is sort of in the middle of ones body, just an odd placement for be useful.

 2. I would sew my straps first sew the are ready to be inserted when I sew the front and back pieces together. Then re-enforce the waist strap part of the seem and turn it out all at once. In order to avoid, ripping open the seem and inserting the strap, to then use a top stitch.

But over all a great pattern, I think we all have personal preferences when sewing. I guess some of mine are showing up today.

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