Sunday, May 30, 2010

Meet George!

I saw a turtle pin cushion at  LQS  and fell in love with it. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a pattern as it was someones creation.  They said that would share the pattern but that never materialized. Bummer, life happens. So after some hunting on the Internet with no luck of anything I liked so, I got out the  pen and paper and started to draw.  Several drawing and a pro-toe type later we have George.  His predecessor was F  (or 6 as in the F being the sixth letter of the alphabet  a little inside joke in our house.)
                                               HELP I'm stuck and Can't get up!
 I am hoping to perfect this pattern and hopeful have it available for but, I have  some work to do first.  I want to come up with some options for the shell to give one more choices as these hexagons are usually hand pieced.  I did do mine on the machine because I'm stubborn but they are not easy.  The big secret to pin cushions that I'm sharing with everyone is stuff them with crushed walnut shells.  Available at Pet stores as lizard bedding. It is fairly inexpensive and  with sharpen you pins and needles as they are stuck into you cushion.

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