Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Learning to Free Motion Quilt

This is a baby quilt top that I made from scraps forever ago. When I got the idea to try learning to free motion quilt I decided it would be a great first project and not to costly if I boched it. Well its backed and  pinned. ( I learned that I need more pins than I used.)
Well, I'm getting there a little close in some spots and I cross stitching once in a while. Some of my curves are rather pointy and my stitch length is not consistant I think you kinda see some of  it in this photo. But over all I'm happy for a first try.
Thank goodness for my Saphires longer sewing arm. The roll of quilt fit so nice, I do however need a sewing table out around the arm to help support the other side of the quilt. I guess thats where practice comes in. 
Here is a better expample of my free motion success. I managed to complete the whole quilt. I am very proud of  my end result. I hope to post photos in the next couple day of the finished quilt. Providing I get the time to finish it.


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my giveaway blog. They aren't that hard to make but a little time consuming. Don't ever say that your craft doesn't count. Your little quilt here is just lovely and your FMQ is looking great. I have only just started to do some FMQ and mine is not that neat. Thanks for visiting.

  2. It looks great! Your longer arm is really nice :) sometimes I turn my machine so the needle is right in front of me and it helps my arms not to tire out too much!


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