Monday, November 16, 2009

Harvest Pumpkins

Moms pumpkin

I have finished, My pumpkins! After becoming frustrated, with not having a fall center piece for my table and not liking what I'd seen in the stores. I was hit by the idea of pumpkins in three sizes.  I scanned the net, there were many cute ideas out there but none were what I was wanting.  So onto my own devices and off to Joannes! Where 40% off sale always helps a project get started.  
I used my Tupperware lids to get the sizes I wanted and drew out the moon like  shapes, cut pairs of nine different fabrics to form each pumpkin and then drew and cut several stems before finding the shape I liked, I drew out the leaves in a fairly crude shape and sewed them pipe wire into them to give the more realistic look and I could not resist making the little piece of vine. 
I had so much fun making these they actually sew up really fast. I was blown away at how much stuffing it took to stuff them. The one thing I learned is the little one is going to be the the only one I do in that size it was a BRAT to make.  Not worth the effort for the tiny size.  
My original plan was three for my table, yes you count four in the photo. My mom fell in love with the pumpkins So I made her one too.  


  1. Wow! They look awesome, I wish I could come up with 3D projects like that!

  2. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Your site is lovely as well and your little pumpkins are beautiful. Glad to have you as one of my followers. I will be starting to have "give aways" soon so stay tuned! Have a great day!

  3. Those are SUPER cute! Glad you made one for your mom too :)

  4. Love these. They are adorable.


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