Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August Sewing in a nut shell!

This month has been a busy one with summer coming to a head. And  the kids getting ready for school, who knew it took so many little details to get them ready. As soon as I think they have it all we remember something else.  In between all the running of social activities for kids and doctors appointments and house work I managed to find sometime to sew.
Week 6

      For those of you that have been following, you know I have been working on my sons  Shadow quilt and  Amy's creative side quilt along quilt. I have also add a disappearing nine patch to the mix(But you will have to wait to see that, I working on it for a possible gift!) All of which I have managed to get to the point of calling them quilt tops! Two tops still need sashing and one I am debating adding a sashing to make it larger.  All three quilts are special in there one way, but I have to say my quilt along quilt has been the most challenging!  Amy  designed a beautiful quilt which has been so much fun to see how different everyones' quilts are.
Week 7

 The down side to that is, I challenge myself to make it so much more perfect; like anyone can see any flaws over the Internet: So there was a lot of ripping so seams to make them match perfectly or  as close a I can get.  Amy designed the pattern for beginners and where I am not a beginner, I am a self proclaim triangle avoid er. Not anymore though! I am quite comfortable with them now!
Week 8

I am even working on a design using HST's. But don't hold your breath that project would be down the road. But When those ideas hit you have to get them on paper.   But back to my quilt squares. As I was so excited and post to Amy  that I had caught up and they were all done, no sooner did I discover that three were larger then the rest. Not just a little but almost a have inch! Can you guess what I did?
you already seen the blocks. There beautiful! But not for long!
I ripped them apart!
notice the ironing board cover ick! time for a new one
I ripped the three blocks apart to discover I either forgot to trim them altogether or trimmed them using  the wrong line on the silly ruler. Either way my blocks were all to big! resulting in over sized blocks! The lesson learned is take your time, know when your tired and its time to stop sewing and oh the important one TRIM CAREFULLY!   

The three remakes!!!!!!! I am actually happier with all three so the time was worth it!

But my struggles didn't stop there! I struggle with finding a good sashing white wouldn't work. I found this sashing you see at  Quilted Straight quilt shop, the shop owner was very helpful in helping my work through my total mind block.  I came home all happy cut my strips to discover I couldn't decide on the little cap squares!
Choosing my cap squares! None of which did I like!

Again off to the LQS this time I went to Kingston Quilt shop which was a gamble they are in the process of being sold and there stock in low! But the gal that help me was great.  So I found a fabric easy! And now my quilt top is done!!!!!! Yeah! I may go back and get some more of the cape square material to add a border to enlarge the quilt a little. 

Its done!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!! Well  the top anyway!  I think I know what I want for my back!
And I'm really leaning toward an extra border piece. Decisions, Decisions!


  1. Yay! Your blocks and top all look great - so glad you aren't avoiding triangles anymore :)

  2. Your persistence and patience paid off ... what a lovely quilt! Your colors are great too! Also, I want to thank you for your very kind words at my blog. It was a blessing receive . Hugs, Joanne


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