Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Western Washington Shop Hop finds!

I finally had a chance to sort through my Shop Hop stuff. I have 16 of the quilt squares they give out, plus I bought last year shop hop fabric to finish a quilt I bought fabric for last year and a new pattern BQ3. I have to say not a bad hall for a small budget.
This is the actual shop hop fabric! It is really nice, I didn't like it at first but when I some of the things that people had done with it I was super excited. (I forgot to take my camera this year)

This is the prize I won at Bayside quilting in Olympia. They have a big shop, and always play fun little games and give you tickets for watching there demos and the then does a drawing with a prize wheel. Kinda fun this yer my mom and I both won back to back and the same draw. Mom won some quilting patterns. If you find yourself  down in the area it is definitely  worth stopping in.

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