Sunday, February 27, 2011

Welcome to my break through!

Its very possible she is what messed up the blog!
Greetings!  This is my first post of the year thanks to this wonderful thing we call technology. I have been locked out of my blog since shortly after the Fall Quilt Festival, thanks to google and my computer arguing. I have finally cracked through the problem. I hope ....     In  the mean time I have finished up several projects big and small. I could easily overwhelm everyone today with the photos I  have found on my computer while locating my quilt.  But I'll be nice a spread them out a little.
In November I got my master bedroom quilt back from the quilters.  I was so excited to get the binding started and get the quilt on my bed. However someone else in our house has proved far more excited.
Meet Molly! She is so in love with this quilt that no matter where is is she is on it!

Introducing my Crosswalk quilt!
 It's done!!! Yeah I was so excited that I put it on the bed with out even giving it, its first washing. Hmm, suppose I should have... Being totally honest I don't know if the thing will fit in my washer. I hope so..

 This is the piecing I did on the back of the quilt!  It is spaced perfectly so when you flip the quilt over the strip of color lay just perfectly across the foot of the bed..

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog I hope to bring more post soon... Sorry about the break.

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