Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall quilt festival 2010

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Designed and quilted by: Tove Leggett

This quilt was inspired by finding the already cut 3.5 inch squares, left overs from another quilt or two. I must have really liked this 1930/40 reproduction fabric that I purchased almost 7 years ago. This is the third quilt I have made out of the original purchased batch of fabric.  I love the colors and the kitties, good thing being that I bought two much for one quilt. 

This is the idea I came up with using the 3.5 inch squares, a 9 patch how original!  I mixed in a couple other scrap fabrics from my stash to come up with my square.  I decided to do a white center and found some minke! The center square is so soft, I love it.  I love designing quilts; I am not as productive as some of you out there, but I seem to always be busy. This quilt posed its' own challenges as every quilt does. My big challenge that I would love to know, the correct answer to was my set  triangles. How to  figure the correct size. I ended up with triangles that were too big, thank goodness.  So I will be looking up the correct way to do those before tackling set triangles again. I love learning as I go.
I decide that the quilt top was to small and added the outer border. To my surprise it was the finishing touch, that I love. I can not imagine the quilt finished up without it. 
I am not sure if this picture will show the quilting very well or not but I quilted the whole thing on my sewing machine! Thanks Amy E. for convincing me to try machine quilting I love it!!!!!  It has a really neat design that happened just by my following the lines on the front.
 Yes, there is no label yet! It is saved on the computer with about six other labels I have made for mine and my moms quilts. I need to print them...... someday!  Soon, This is a baby gift for a sweet little girl  that was born on the Oct 25.  Oops her mom might read this post.

This is the original quilt made with this fabric.

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  1. The way you quilt has inspired me to try. What pretty fabric. I just love it!

  2. Gorgeous quilt. I love how you quilted it. The colors are so pretty. Great job!

  3. I love the colors. How fun. You go girl!

  4. What a cheerful quilt. I really love the border. I had to look at it a couple of times but it just so adds to the cheerfulness of the quilt. Great job. Love Lois

  5. What a lovely quilt!! I like it when the same fabrics pop up different quilts. I've had the same thing with my setting triangles, in the end i just cut them bigger then trimmed them, I'm sure there's a formula. The border really sets the quilt off! And love the Minki!!

  6. This is such a pretty quilt. Perfect for a little lady to grow up with!
    There is something special about 30's fabrics. I think.

  7. Nice to see both quilts. It always interests me to see how someone uses the same fabrics for totally different designs. Both turned out well.

  8. I love both of your quilts!! And you are right, the border really does add to your quilt. Great job :)



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