Monday, October 25, 2010

One Challenge One week Complete!!!!!!

This week my challenge was to complete the quilt I was working on and finish my Christmas place mats! I am proud to announce that they are both completed, Plus some!!!!!! I have been rather productive this week, that even includes doing  the house work too. HA HA! We all know how sewing sucks us all in and house work suffers. But not this week, with the exception of the bar where I cut my fabrics. I certainly hope that everyone elses  week went as well with their Challenge items.

These Place mats were a long time coming project! I received the pattern last October and I purchased fabric in November, Alas that's all the farther they got. The fabric was put into the stash drawers after Christmas and the mats were not getting done. So this year I was determined to get them done.  Come to find out they were so easy!  They are simply two pieces of fabric, the only machine quilting is the corner miter seems, then you turn them and decide whether to use a decorative machine stitch or  to hand stitch them closed; which I chose. My fabric is so busy it didn't need the distraction of a visible seem. So there they are 8 Christmas place mats completed!

What is this? Is what you're thinking or your thinking its a place mat! Well those of you thinking it a place mat are wrong. :0)  It is a water proof mat for a baby!  We used to be able to by this  fabric that is was rubbery on the inside and flannel on the outside. The exact name eludes me.  But anyway it is super hard to find and this was my last piece of boring white.

So I decided cover it!  I think it is way cooler this way. It is the size of a standard place mat,  so it should be very usable and pretty to look at. It is totally water proof, so the many things that babies share with us will not get on that favorite bedding or clothing or guest lap or dad's best suit etc.... And it's totally washable!

Grab ball! Its jingles and it squeaks not to mention the fuzzy texture, what baby won't love this!
Ok, so now you have seen my place mats and my extra projects I took on this week, you probably are thinking where is  the quilt I mentioned.  Well, you have to wait! Sorry! I am saving it for the Quilt festival!
However if you look carefully at this photo there is a sneak peek!

Hope to see you next week for the quilt festival. Feel free to follow my blog or even look through the older posts  and leave a quick note. I do my best to respond to all posts. Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Oh Tove! I love everything! Especially the grab ball!! is there a pattern for this online somewhere or is it a package pattern?? Congrats on your finish and on all the other stuff you did this week! Sound like you were super productive!!

  2. Such clever items! Including the quilt, or at least what I could see of it.

  3. Wow, so many projects done! Good for you!

  4. Love all your projects and congrats on getting all that done in a week!

  5. Wow ! you had a great week ! LOVE all the stuff !

  6. Wow--bees have nothing on you--busy, busy! :-) Congrats on meeting your challenge, and then some! The grab ball and waterproof mat are such great ideas!

  7. Lovely projects! I know that rubbery fabric you're talking about but can't think of the name, either. Have you used the Heat n' Bond iron on vinyl yet? It lets you turn just about any fabric waterproof. I use it for making baby changing pads!

    And speaking of sharing tips, have you clicked over to to see what projects, tutorials and tips are being shared today?


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