Saturday, October 9, 2010

The wedding gift quilt I made!

This quilt is a disappearing nine patch. I make my squares a little different then I was taught...As you can see I laid my whole quilt out with only  the 1/4 square not the four already sewn together.. I like the control on the patterning and colors staying separated that I get this way verses the randomly sewing four back together after cutting them apart.

I decided to machine quilt this one myself! Heres my sandwich! Great idea that taping it down. Thanks Amy! However the pinning sure got challenging in the cramped space of the kitchen once the quilt took it all up.

 After deciding on my pattern, off to taping I went! I like the blue painters tape to mark my pattern but was out so masking tape is a good second, though it sticks more.
 All taped up with the pattern, rolled and ready to go! This is my largest machine quilting project! it was so fun. I was so proud of myself and nervous at the same time. After all this is a wedding gift!
But in the end it turned out so good.

 All done! Washed and shrank! I am very happy and proud of the result. If I have not started this quilt with the purpose of giving it away it would have been so difficult to do. I love it.

 I remembered a tag!!!!!  Pslams 115:1, there names and who made it.!
 My first totally complete quilt this year! So many small projects this year and several tops done but first one totally complete!


  1. This is a beautiful wedding gift ! I got married 6 yrs. ago ; do I get one , too ??? ha .
    Very nice gift that should be special to the newlyweds and you did a fabulous job on it !

  2. What a wonderful wedding gift! I love the round tag on the back, too!


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